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Classification and application of FC cable connectors

1. Strip type FFC cable connector

The number of leads in a row type FFC cable connector is generally less than tens, which is suitable for circuit connection between printed circuit boards and devices.

2. Printed circuit FFC cable connector

Printed circuit FFC cable connectors are mainly used to connect printed circuit boards in electrical or electronic equipment.

3. Ribbon cable FFC cable connector

The socket of the ribbon cable FFC cable connector is directly welded to the printed circuit board, and the plug and ribbon cable are connected by piercing and pressing, which can be completed in one go, with reliable contact and convenient use. It is suitable for connecting instrument circuits.

4. Circular FFC cable connector

The plugs and sockets of circular FFC cable connectors mostly use threaded connections, with wiring terminals ranging from two to hundreds. They have the characteristics of small size and high reliability, and can meet the needs of cable connections between electronic devices.

5. Concentric FFC cable connector

The concentric FFC cable connector is a small plug socket type FFC cable connector that has a small size and functions as a switch. The concentric FFC cable connector is suitable for low-frequency circuits and is often used in the wiring of headphones, microphones, and external power supplies.

6. Rectangular FFC cable connector

The plugs and sockets in the rectangular FFC cable connectors are connected with threaded guide rods and have locking devices, mainly used for electrical connections of electronic equipment, intelligent instruments and electronic control equipment.

7. Water pressure resistant sealed FFC cable connector

This type of FFC cable connector is mostly a circular FFC cable connector, suitable for circuit connections working in water or harsh environmental conditions.

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