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Support from national policies for small and medium-sized terminal manufacturers

What is the most important thing for a private small and medium-sized enterprise? Some people say it is more advanced technology, some say it is a continuous stream of product orders, and some say it is advanced experience and concepts. These statements are all correct and reasonable. However, for current small and medium-sized enterprises with terminal blocks, the most important thing is that they must be hard on their own, pay attention to quality, establish a brand, and not rush for quick success, long-term is the way out.

Due to the wide application, simple structure, few manufacturing processes, and low entry threshold of terminal blocks, they can be manufactured in large quantities using manpower and adopting a human sea strategy. Therefore, since the beginning of the reform and opening up, they have been an important product for the manufacturing and processing of electrical components in various coastal cities in China, and the main product for China's export and foreign exchange earnings. However, since entering the new century, with the intensification of international competition and the lack of overall guidance and planning in our own production planning, a large number of redundant constructions have been caused. Many of our own manufacturing enterprises are competing to lower prices, resulting in the depletion of corporate profits. In order for terminal companies to survive and develop in competition, we need to first put in effort in innovation, improve our production processes, and develop targeted terminal products for different customers while constantly in contact with international advanced levels. For example, the testing methods for products are more comprehensive and diverse, and they are more stringent when it comes to going.

Nowadays, many visionary business people have realized that they cannot continue on this labor-intensive production path, and they have also realized the urgency of not waiting for me. However, to renovate the production line, it is necessary to update the equipment, which requires money. For example, the latest equipment for producing wiring terminals is some assembly lines that are automatically programmed by computers and involve robots throughout the production process. Although their production efficiency and product quality rate are several times higher than before, a set of them costs several million yuan. This is difficult for a terminal production and processing enterprise with meager profits to bear. In addition to hardware equipment, equally high-quality software is also required to ship effectively. The training of employees, the introduction of highly educated and high-quality personnel, all require sufficient funds as support. But when it comes to solving the funding bottleneck problem for small and medium-sized terminal production and processing enterprises, it is a long-standing challenge. Because banks often focus on state-owned enterprises or infrastructure projects such as highways and high-speed railways in the field of lending. Small businesses, such as wiring terminal products, do not attach enough importance to inconspicuous small things. But little did they know that the development of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises requires financial support even more. Not to mention that these enterprises have contributed significantly to the local economic development and government tax revenue, solving a large number of employment problems for society, and are also very important in finding new growth points for the national economy. However, due to the lack of a strong background like some government projects and a strong network of contacts among state-owned enterprises, even with good projects and development plans, it is difficult to obtain sufficient financial support and miss many opportunities for development.

To solve the above problems, it is necessary for the country to provide policy support from a strategic perspective. It is better to establish special funds specifically for private small and medium-sized enterprises to provide financial support and help them transform the production of wiring terminals.

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