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Correct usage of connectors

When using connectors, it is important to use and store them correctly to avoid unnecessary trouble.

When receiving the connector, we need to carefully observe the outer packaging to see if there is any obvious damage, and also to see if there is any damage to the connector itself. We must ensure that the connector we see is intact, so as not to affect our use of the connected machine.

When not using connectors temporarily, do not place them casually, especially in areas with sunlight. If you forget to place them carelessly, the connectors may be damaged in quality due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, which can affect their use and even cause safety accidents. Therefore, we must carefully remember where the connectors can be stored, and do not be careless, And a safety accident occurred.

In high temperature areas, connectors cannot be placed. Continuous high temperature or high humidity can damage the connectors, especially in environments with chemicals. The connectors can corrode, causing the outer metal protective layer to lose its protective effect, causing damage to the inner current line, and losing normal conductivity, becoming a waste.

When it is necessary to move the connector, do not panic, be careful to avoid the connector touching hard objects, causing damage to the connector, and do not place it under heavy objects to avoid crushing the connector.

The connector also has an enemy, which is grease like objects. If they come into contact with grease like objects during storage or use, the connector will lose its original function and become an obstacle that affects our work.

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